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Weaves and Extensions

Unlike your natural hair, weaves and extensions cannot restore themselves once they are damaged. Taking proper care of your hairpieces is very important to ensure the beautiful longevity of their life. With proper care, your hairpieces can look great and be reused for years.

1. SLEEPING. Wear a satin bonnet on your hair while you sleep to avoid excessive friction that might cause damage. 

2. CLEANSE. Shampoo every two weeks with products that do not contain detergents or silicons.


3. CLEANSING TECHNIQUE: Use the tips of your fingers to gently massage shampoo into your scalp. DO NOT tug or twist to ring out your hair. Allow hair to air-dry and DO NOT use a blow-dryer. 

4. STYLING. Gather all of your hair into one hand while brushing with the other hand.  When using heat styling tools, always apply a heat-protective serum beforehand.

5. SCALP CARE. Use witch hazel in-between shampoos to cleanse your scalp and natural hair. Rub witch hazel between your hands, and use your fingers to massage the product within your hair into your scalp. Repeat as often as necessary.

6. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Schedule regular visits with your stylist to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Natural Tresses


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